dentistry-227The most common endodontic procedure performed is a root canal. During a root canal, we clean out the infection in the tooth. We also remove the roots and nerves (if needed). We then fill in the whole area with a filling so that you don’t have any problems down the line.

When we perform rotary endodontics, we use a special handpiece. The handpiece makes the procedure easier for the dentist, which makes it easier for you. A root canal performed with a rotary handpiece will take much less time and cause you less pain.

We are dedicated to offering you the highest quality of dental medicine so that, as easily as possible, you can have a smile of which you are proud. We do this by using the rotary handpiece. You will be much more comfortable during the procedure and be able to get back on your way faster after the procedure when we use the handpiece. You will have a much smoother recovery, which is our goal with rotary endodontics.